Monitor Audio W280-IDC In Wall Speaker (Single)

Monitor Audio W280-IDC In Wall Speaker (Single)

Key info

Enjoy precise and powerful sound with the Monitor Audio W280-IDC which benefits from a 3 way design and pivoting IDC module.

Monitor Audio W280-IDC In Wall Speaker enjoys precise sound thanks to the 8-inch C-CAM bass driver and a pivoting IDC module which houses a 4-inch C-CAM RST inverted midrange driver and the renowned Monitor Audio C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter.

3-Way Design

The 3 way design of the W280-IDC provides greater power handling, and improved system output resulting in a richer midrange performance. The 3 way setup consists of a C-CAM bass driver and pivoting IDC module that holds the midrange driver and tweeter which have been optimised to improve efficiency and rigidity.

Tri-Grip fixing system

Easy to install thanks to Monitor Audio’s unique Tri-Grip fixing system, which provides 3 times the surface area and a better surface seal than conventional clamping systems, which offers a much smarter fit.

Discreet design

Flush mounting and paintable grill means the W280-IDC can blend in to your decor seamlessly. Enjoy a wide range of frequencies and accurate sound with this speaker that you can barely even see.

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