Monitor Audio WSS230 In Wall Speaker (Single)

Monitor Audio WSS230 In Wall Speaker (Single)

Key info

This speaker sits above the WSS130 in the Super Slim series that deliver a powerful performance and discreet installation.

Monitor Audio WSS230 In Wall Speaker joins the Super Slim series from Monitor Audio for for home cinema and music applications. Elegantly designed this speaker implements 3 C-CAM bass/mid-range drivers and Gold Dome Tweeter for enhanced precision.

C-CAM Technology

The WSS230 uses 3 drivers enhanced with C-CAM technology for the best sonic performance. It enjoys heightened levels of precision and detail. and enjoys enhanced high frequencies thanks to the Gold Dome Tweeter. The three C-CAM bass cone drivers are conveniently laid out in the speaker to achieve the super slim design.

Amazing Sound

Thanks to the incorporation of 3 drivers, this speaker enjoys performance benefits far greater than speakers with a single, or dual bass driver. Using MMP technology the midrange and bass drivers are able to manage a far more powerful output, allowing the speaker to go far louder and sound much more precise. Whilst the C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter allows for finely detailed highs to be enjoyed.

Easy Installation

Fear not about the lug of a difficult installation, as the WSS230 speakers are super easy to install. They fit on to 2 stud slips or can be installed between a standard 14″ bay for horizontal mounting. Featuring a magnetic trimless grille that can be painted to ensure the speaker blends seamlessly into your interior.

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