Monitor Audio AWC265-T2 Stereo All Weather Speaker (Single)

Monitor Audio AWC265-T2 Stereo All Weather Speaker (Single)

Key info

Designed for use outdoors, this all weather speaker has been certified to protect against harsh conditions whilst providing excellent sound quality.

Monitor Audio AWC265-T2 Stereo All Weather Speaker is anodised to improve surface protection to corrosion and wear and tear. Designed for use outdoors in settings such as as pool rooms, bathrooms, marine rooms, and yachts where exposure to outdoor conditions is prevalent.

Constructed to Withstand Extreme Conditions

The AWC265-T2 is a stealthy all weather speaker that has been IP55 certified for extreme climates and conditions. This speaker can withstand salt spray, UV stability, water, vibrations, and has anti-corrosion qualities. Constructed with EPDM (extremely durable synthetic rubber) barriers which work to stop water ingress and non-ferrous Samarian Cobalt magnets for grille attachments which protect against rust and corrosion.

High Quality C-CAM Drivers

AWC265-T2 All Weather Speaker uses Monitor Audio’s high performance C-CAM drivers. Featuring 6.5″ C-CAM cone bass driver which handles the midrange and bass to provide much depth and range and twin 1 inch C-CAM Gold Dome tweeters that handle the higher frequencies providing a warm, sweet sound with phenomenal detail.

Versatile Mounting

The AWX265-T2 speaker showcases absolute versatility. Able to withstand harsh weather whilst giving excellent sound quality, the speaker can also be mounted on a wall or on ceilings. It is finished in a neutral grey with optional square or round white grille that can be painted to your living environment.

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