Monitor Audio AWC280-T2 Stereo All Weather Speaker (Single)

Monitor Audio AWC280-T2 Stereo All Weather Speaker (Single)

Key info

Using the renowned C-CAM driver systems, this speaker produces stereo sound that can withstand any weather condition.

Monitor Audio AWC280-T2 Stereo All Weather Speaker allows you to take the sound you love outside with you. With advanced levels of resistance against tough conditions, the AWC280-T2 provides discreet stereo sound for outdoor settings.

All Weather Speaker

Developed for use around pools, marine decks, bathrooms, and yachts the AWC280-T2 has been optimised to meet IP55 certifications in order to provide the upmost resistance against salt spray, water, UV, vibrations and corrosion. Further enhanced with EPDM barriers to prevent water ingress and non-ferrous Samarian Cobalt magnets for grille attachments which stops rust and corrosion.

Monitor Audio Sound Quality

Utilising the same audio engineering used in the brand’s award-winning speakers, the AWC range showcases Monitor Audio’s dedication to providing the best entertainment and explosive audio whatever the weather. Monitor Audio AWC280-T2 All Weather Speaker features high performance C-CAM bass driver with twin tweeters to get that stereo feel sound from a single speaker.

Discreet Flush Fitting

Worry not about matching your speaker to your exterior, as the AWC280-T2 comes in a neutral grey finish that can be painted in order to blend in to your living environment. Flush fitting, this speaker is as discreet as it can be and can be mounted on both wall and ceilings for the ultimate freedom of choice.

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