Devialet Dione Soundbar

Devialet Dione Soundbar

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Key info

  • 950 W RMS power
  • Dolby Atmos-Enabled 5.1.2 surround listening experience
  • Create acoustic model of the room with Dione’s four calibration microphone
  • Multiroom configuration through Devialet app
  • 2.1 eARC/ARC HDMI Compatible

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 77 X 1200 X 165 mm
Speaker characteristics
Frequency range 24Hz - 21kHz
Amplifier output 950 W RMS
Inputs HDMI 2.1, Bluetooth
Digital inputs HDMI eARC | Optique TOSLINK
Streaming services Spotify Connect
Streaming features AirPlay 2, UPnP
Wi-Fi Dual-band (802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz)
Bluetooth 5.0
Included accessories
What's in the box Devialet Dione soundbar | 1x High Speed HDMI cable | 1x TOSLINK Optical cable | 1x Power cable | Documentation | Wall-mount guide & accessories

Dolby Atmos

Enjoy sound that goes above and beyond. The Devialet Dione soundbar is Dolby Atmos-enabled, allowing it to provide a uniquely immersive, 5.1.2 surround listening experience. Originally designed for the film industry, Dolby Atmos delivers layered 3D sound from above, taking the Devialet Dione experience into another dimension.

SPACE™ technology

SPACE™ technology opens up a new dimension of sound. A patented algorithm upscales any mono or stereo signal into a 5.1.2 signal for an all-enveloping, multi-layered, deeply immersive sound experience, whatever the content you’re enjoying.

Movie Mode. This mode converts mono and stereo content into a thrilling multichannel experience when connected via the HDMI and Optical inputs.

Spatial Mode. A layered-sound setting that puts you center stage and lets you enjoy your music and content played through online sources at their best.

Voice Mode. A custom setting for voice-forward content like podcasts, news programs, and more.

Music Mode. This mode reproduces a stereo setup and disables spatialization.

Enter the ORB. Devialet Dione’s ORB is the central channel. This patented design allows Devialet Dione to adapt mechanically and acoustically to the position of the soundbar, either wall-mounted or placed on a piece of furniture.

HDMI Compatibility.

Devialet Dione is equipped with a 2.1 eARC/ARC HDMI connector that allows multiple audio channels to be transmitted with zero bandwidth limitation or compression.

ARC. Audio Return Channel (ARC), transmits an audio signal via HDMI cable.

eARC. An evolution of existing ARC protocol that allows for more transmission bandwidth.

CEC. Gives the user the option to control volume and playback directly from the TV’s remote control without interacting with Devialet Dione soundbar.

Designed to read the room. Scan your space in the Devialet App using Devialet Dione’s four calibration microphones to establish an accurate acoustic model of your room.

Devialet app. Devialet Dione runs on the DOS2 software ecosystem, meaning set-up and customization are seamless in the Devialet App. Devialet Dione also integrates into a Phantom multiroom configuration through Airplay2. This set-up is also possible for any Airplay 2-enabled speaker if you use iOS.

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