Audiovector SR SUB Signature

Audiovector SR SUB Signature

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Key info

The Audiovector SR Sub Signature uses a Superstand for optimal floor interaction, a down firing Distributed Port for bass enhancement, a powerful amplifier and of course a cabinet with no parallel sides to achieve a detailed and dynamic performance.

All specifications

Frequency 21-180 Hz
Maximum Output 500W Peak
Crossover frequency Variable
Dimensions - HxWxD 39 x 37 x 33 (cm)

Audiovector SR SUB SignaturePRECISE AND WARM
The Signature Sub is designed to work in conjunction with other Signature models. For example with Si 1 Signatures in a stereo set-up or with a full blown SR 3 or SR 6 surround sound system, where it will reveal all the fine details of the source material in a truly dynamic way.

Integrating a subwoofer can be difficult. With Audiovector’s phase control, you can adjust the sub to match any front speakers – be it in a stereo or in a surround sound system- with the utmost precision.

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