KEF Reference 8b Subwoofer

KEF Reference 8b Subwoofer

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Delivering exceptional bass precision and control with zero distortion, Reference 8b is a truly extraordinary subwoofer.

The KEF Reference 8B Subwoofer is custom designed and engineered to flawlessly deliver rich, deep and thunderous bass effortlessly, allowing you to truly experience the full impact of dramatic on-screen effects. A quality subwoofer like the Reference Subwoofer should not just offer great bass extension, but also possess great control and definition.

The Reference Subwoofer offers both power and accuracy, and incredibly boasts two 500W Class D Amplifiers which each drive a 9″ long throw, ultra low-distortion driver which are connected back to back in the heavily-braced acoustically inert cabinet. Considering the supreme quality and reference standard of the rest of KEF’s Reference range, the matching subwoofer had to be truly stellar, and the Reference Subwoofer is exactly that.

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