Monitor Audio Bronze W10 Subwoofer

Monitor Audio Bronze W10 Subwoofer

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The Monitor Audio Bronze W10 subwoofer delivers such deep bass notes it is surely a must have addition to your speaker set up ready to excite any audience! Every soundscape, every rumble in a movie soundtrack is reinforced and transmitted directly into the room with this beautifully designed subwoofer.

The Bronze W10 subwoofer combines a 10” auxiliary bass radiator with a 10” long-throw C-CAM subwoofer driver to bring a performance to behold! The result of the acoustically improved driver and bass radiator is that it packs a mighty punch from a relatively compact cabinet, making a big impact on sound but only a small impact on your space. Reduced moving mass and improved rubber feet stop the loss of energy from vibrations through floors and walls and instead allow it to be transmitted directly into the room. This gives stunning, bold sound and a fantastic audio experience. As with all of the Bronze series speakers, they have been designed to please any music or movie lover, and this is no exception. The attractive design and choice of finishes ensures that the Bronze W10 subwoofer is a stunning addition in any room of your home.


  • Improved performance: Long-throw 10” (250 mm) driver featuring ‘dished’ C-CAM and 10” (250 mm) flat panel Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) positioned underneath the unit for vivid realism.
  • Class D amplifier with high current Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPSU).


  • Styled to match the Bronze range: Solidly built with a choice of finishes.
  • Heavy cabinet bracing: Low resonance.

Additional Features:

  • Three pre-set EQ mode settings: Music, Movie and Impact.
  • 12-volt Trigger: Switching control from AV amp, processor or home automation system

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