REL TZERO Subwoofer

REL TZERO Subwoofer

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Key info

Rel TZERO is the perfect Subwoofer if space is at a premium. Not only does the performance belie it’s diminutive size at 215 x 241 x 260mm but build quality and finish won’t disappoint.

All specifications

Dimensions - HxWxD 241 x 216 x 260 mm
Weight - Each 6.8 kg
Finishes Black / White

This model is the result of the collaboration between REL’s American design and engineering team and REL’s British production team.  The TZERO was conceived to be the most cost effective high performance product REL know how to build.  REL have spared none of the materials and finishing techniques REL’s larger designs are noted for.  Many competing products are clearly the result of cost engineering, however, TZERO is a pure high-end product in design and execution.  Many of the sonic virtues – speed, warmth and slam are the direct result of mechanical and acoustic advancements.  In particular, we have utilized thick slabs of dense, acoustically inert MDF, masterfully bonded to create an exceptionally rigid, near-monocoque cabinet creating an inert structure that allows more of the music to emerge.  The powerful and efficient Class D amplifier is mated to a down-firing 6.5” long-throw driver capable of launching a surprising amount of room filling bass that belies the TZERO’s size.

TZERO enjoys all the connectivity options found on all REL Sub-Bass Systems.  For 2-channel systems the High-level connection, using the Neutrik Speakon connector, is preferred because by connecting to the amplifier’s speaker outputs the sonic signature of the entire amplification chain is folded into the REL signal thereby keeping timing and timbre cues consistent.  The REL Connectivity Suite™ allows for using both high and low input options.

The ability to blend and individually control both signals that, for example is useful in a home cinema system where the sub-bass system must reproduce both main speaker and .1/LFE low frequency content.  Additionally, connectivity to Class D main power amplifiers cause no problem thanks to REL-D, a proprietary circuit that creates the proper grounding environment for most Class D amplifiers.

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