Dynaudio Music 7 Wireless Music System

Dynaudio Music 7 Wireless Music System

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Music 7 uses powerful digital processing to sense where it’s been placed. It optimises its performance to fit (even when you move it) and adjusts itself on the fly for varying noise-levels, so your music sounds clear at any volume. Connect it to your phone, your CD player, your TV… listen however you want.

Dynaudio Music provides one-touch simplicity. It adapts seamlessly (and automatically) to any room or position, and to surrounding noise levels – so music always sounds its best. It even gives personalised playlists featuring only the music its users love with Music Now. All at the touch of a button.

  • NoiseAdapt – Compensates for varying noise levels in your room
  • RoomAdapt – Optimises performance for any room position
  • Music Now – Instant intelligent playlists of only the music you love
  • All-in-one – Plug it in and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple

Your music, your waydynaudio app music speakers wifi bluetooth streaming music

Set up your Dynaudio Music speakers with the free Dynaudio Music app for iOS and Android.

You can use it to configure your Music speakers, group them, set up a multiroom system, discover new music and much more.

The app connects to Tidal (which you get 9 months FREE with any Music system!) and with Music Now, generates instant, high-quality playlists of music it knows you like.

It means there’s no need to scroll through endless lists of albums, songs, artists and playlists, only to get bored trying to find something to listen to. This is just like turning on the radio – but the station is guaranteed to play music the listener wants to hear. (The added benefit? No irritating DJs)


Adapts to your roomdynaudio music wireless speaker system cool wifi bluetooth

It doesn’t matter if the speaker is in a corner, up against a rear wall or in free space: its built-in RoomAdapt technology senses were it’s been placed and continually optimises the speaker to deliver the best performance possible. You’ll hear it most in the clean, accurate bass and midrange.

Best of all, you can move your Music whenever – and wherever – you want. It will sense its new position and optimise itself automatically.


Adapts to your partydynaudio music wireless speaker

All the speakers in the Music family actively sense the vibe in the room … and then they roll with it.

Sudden party? Music’s NoiseAdapt technology will adjust the volume and tonal balance intelligently so all the important details in your songs shine through. Sudden silence? It can handle that too – and you don’t have to touch a remote control or fiddle with a single button.


Adapts to your personalitydynaudio music wireless speaker

The intelligent MusicNow algorithm learns your musical tastes and plays automatically generated playlists with one touch of a button on the speaker.

Set up your personal profile (or even multiple profiles for yourself, your friends and your family) from the free Dynaudio app and you’re up and running instantly.


Adapts to your homedynaudio music wireless speaker

Connect up to six Music speakers for a true multiroom system, and control them individually from the free Dynaudio app.You can arrange them into multiroom groups, and even pair two Music speakers in stereo mode for true Hi-Fi listening.

Each Music speaker is covered in a custom-designed cloth by acclaimed Danish textile house Gabriel, and are available in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red and Blue.


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