Elipson W35 Wireless Speaker

Elipson W35 Wireless Speaker

Key info

Elipson W35 wireless streaming speakers are for the contemporary listener, featuring a smart design and app control.

Elipson-W35 black

Elipson W35 wireless speakers (supplied individually) are the state of the art space age looking speakers you have been waiting for. Featuring a globe shape design the Elipson W35 has built in wifi connectivity to stream music, and an app for easy control.

Speaker Design

Each Elipson W35 speaker features a split design, where you will see left channel and right channel stereo projection. Fitted with 2.5cm silk dome tweeters each side with cooling technology and a 16.5cm mid range drive in both halves, the W35 amplifies with a nice 350 watts. Excellent audiophile quality is guaranteed with these speakers.

Wireless Streaming with Elipson App

The W35 can be set up as part of Elipson’s multi room system, and you can control your playback easily with the Elipson App. On this app you will be able to access your streaming service of choice including Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, TuneIn and Napster. It is also compatible with Alexa and Spotify, meaning a world full of songs, playlists and radio stations are available to you.

Connect to your Devices

Of course Elipson didn’t forget to incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX connectivity. Other inputs are included such as an optical input for connecting to a games console, blu ray player, TV and a 3.5mm jack that lies underneath the base of the speaker.

Sleek Aesthetics

The Elipson W35 speaker has an unforgettably modern design, with it’s bold planet shape it visually stands out amongst its peers. The attractive speaker is available in a sleek dark matte grey colour with an aluminium strip running through the middle that hosts some of the button controls.


Use Elipson’s metal wall brackets to mount the speakers on the wall for a floating affect. Or use the silver oak tripod stand with it’s strong silhouette that will hold your audio ball gracefully.

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