Ruark Audio R5 Signature Wireless Speaker

Ruark Audio R5 Signature Wireless Speaker

Key info

Ruark’s R5 builds on more than three decades of high-end audio and craftsmanship pedigree while embodying the company’s vision of the future. Since its launch, R5 has been widely commended as one of the finest all-in-one systems available and for Summer 2021 Ruark are introducing a special Signature Edition with a limited production run to match its exclusivity.

An award-winner made better

Winner of countless awards, the original Ruark R5 is hard to beat. Yet, with the R5 Signature model, Ruark have done just that. Inside there’s STEREO+ for enhanced sound quality. On the outside, a new piano lacquer finish with rose gold detailing marks this out as a truly premium quality speaker system.

STEREO+ enhanced sound

With revised routing of key signal paths, the R5 Signature sounds purer and cleaner. High purity oxygen-free speaker cable provides the speakers with the purest signal possible, enhancing the detail and harmonics for a more natural and spacious sound.

Highest quality sound

Packed into this compact case is a top quality audio system. Ruark Audio stereo speakers are matched to a built-in, active subwoofer for a powerful, spacious sound. The 90 watt amplifier provides plenty of oomph, even in larger rooms. For an even more spatial sound, 3D sound processing pushes the sound further out into the room. Bass, treble and loudness controls let you fine-tune the system to suit.

Premium Signature finish

With its hand polished, piano lacquer finish, the R5 Signature oozes class. Matched with rose gold detailing, the new finish sparkles with sophistication.

The stylish system that still connects to all

Just like the standard R5, the Signature model packs it all in. Streaming via Spotify Connect (with Premium account), Amazon Music, Deezer and Tidal are all on hand. Wi-fi and Ethernet connections also stream Internet radio. If you’d prefer, there’s DAB/FM radio and a quality CD player. An HD Bluetooth connection lets you stream music from your smartphone or tablet. There’s also a USB interface for a direct connection. With digital and analogue inputs, it’s easy to connect a wide range of other sources, including TV and turntable.

Streaming star

Connect up to your Broadband connection via wi-fi or Ethernet and stream all the music you want. Compatible with popular services such as Spotify Connect (with Premium account), Amazon Music, Deezer and Tidal, the R5 Signature gives you access to a near limitless range of music. If you enjoy listening to radio from around the world, Internet radio services, including catch-up services are also on hand.

CD player

Unlike many other compact systems, the R5 Signature features a built-in CD player. This high quality player lets you play all your existing discs without the need to transfer them to a storage device. It also plays back MP3, AAC and WMA encoded music discs.

DAB and FM radio

With a choice of DAB, DAB+ and FM, the R5 Signature is well equipped for tuning into a wide range of radio stations both here and abroad. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) gives access to the widest range of stations in the UK, in crisp and clear digital sound quality. DAB+ is available across European countries and offers even higher levels of sound quality. In case your favourite stations aren’t available in DAB, then this Ruark radio is also equipped with an FM tuner.

HD Bluetooth connection

Featuring the latest high-resolution Bluetooth audio technology, the R5 Signature offers a top quality local wireless connection. Bluetooth connectivity usually means a loss in sound quality but, thanks to the R5’s aptX HD output, Bluetooth wireless sound is better quality than ever. Working up to 24 bit/48kHz, the R5 offers Hi-Res audio to beat CD – cable-free. Just pair with a compatible smartphone or tablet.

Multi-room ready

Download the Ruark LINK app and you’ve not only got effortless control but also the ability to create a multi-room system. Compatible with the MRX, R2 Mk3 and R7 Mk3 models, you can use any combination of these systems around your home and control them all via the LINK app. Available for Apple iOS and Android devices, the app lets you play the same music all around your home or different music, at different levels in individual rooms.

Connect it all – including your TV and turntable

Perfect for giving your TV a boost in quality, the R5 Signature features a digital optical input. Link it up and enjoy a boost to the sound that matches the very best sound bases. A built-in phono pre-amp means you can also wire up your (MM) turntable, plus another line level source – such as a voice-controlled device. With the USB socket, you can playback music on your smartphone while simultaneously charging it. Line level and headphone outputs are also standard.

Alarm and remote

With a built-in alarm, the R5 makes a superior quality bedside system. The easily programmed dual alarm comes with a wide range of features, including once, daily, weekday and weekend settings plus snooze and sleep timers. The stylish RotoDial remote control mirrors the unit’s controls for intuitive control.

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