Pro-Ject Wood Signature Headshell

Pro-Ject Wood Signature Headshell

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Key info

  • Developed for Pro-Ject Signature tonearms
  • High-quality construction with 1/2″ cartridge mount
  • Complements certain sound characteristics

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The Signature range of headshells are high quality headshells made by Pro-Ject Audio Systems, suitable for standard SME mount tonearms. Each headshell in the range is created from a different material, giving it its own signature sound characteristic.

The Wood Signature Headshell offers an alternative to the normal metal designs that are available. Wood has high damping properties and a unique sonic character, that can complement some high-end cartridges.

Also available in the range are an Aluminium and Carbon FibreProp version.

Key Features:

  • Fits all tonearms with standard SME mounting
  • 1/2″ cartridge mount
  • High-conductivity OFC headshell cables included
  • Made from oak wood
  • Lowest mass in the range (8g)
  • Low-resonance construction
  • Non-magnetic
  • Azimuth adjustment built into the connector
  • Built-in fingerlift

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