Clearaudio Titanium V2 Cartridge

Clearaudio Titanium V2 Cartridge

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This exceptional cartridge represents a work of art for the ages: its 95-decibel dynamic range delivers the optimum for current listeners and may well also set a benchmark for future generations

The secret behind the transcendent sound of the handmade Clearaudio Titanium v2 MC phono cartridge is really no secret at all. Its outrageously great performance owes to the properties inherent in titanium and their ability to achieve near-flawless technical perfection in this design when playing back vinyl LPs.

Consummate resonance suppression, impeccable linearity, and immaculate transparency are just a few of the characteristics Titanium v2 brings to your table, system and records. A twelve-finger platform design, boron cantilever, Micro HD stylus, and microscopic 24-karat gold coils combine with the titanium body to deliver a dynamic range of up to 95dB and liveliness that will have you convinced the performers are standing before you in full three-dimensional form.

Said by Clearaudio to allow “audiophile dreams become audible,” and weighing just eight grams, the Titanium v2 cartridge is nothing less than a functional work of art designed to cause musical works of art to come alive like never before.

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