Nagaoka JT-80 LB MM Phono Cartridge

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Nagaoka JT-80 LB MM Phono Cartridge

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Key info

  • Designed for superior audio reproduction with wide frequency response and low distortion.
  • Features aluminum alloy cantilever and high-quality diamond stylus for durability and precise tracking.
  • Compatible with a variety of turntables and phono amplifiers for versatile use.
  • User-friendly design allows for easy mounting onto most turntable tonearms without specialized tools.
  • Delivers tight bass, smooth mids, and crisp highs for an authentic listening experience.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 6.9 g
Frequency response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Stylus type 0.4×0.7mil
Channel balance Less than 1.8 dB
Channel separation More than 22 dB at 1kHz
Compliance, dynamic, lateral 7.3×10-6cm/dyne
Recommended tracking force 1.8 to 2.0g
Recommended load capacitance 100pF

Nagaoka is a world-famous manufacturer of record needles, celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. The MP cartridge, which has been used around the world for many years, has been redesigned and the new MM cartridges JT-80/JT-1210 have been released. We will continue to support the analog record culture that will be loved by record lovers all over the world.

The Nagaoka Jeweltone JT-80LB MM Cartridge is designed to provide a superior audio experience, thanks to its high-quality sound reproduction capabilities. With a wide frequency response and low distortion rate, the cartridge accurately captures the nuances and subtleties in your vinyl records. This allows listeners to experience an immersive audio experience, bringing life to their music collections.

Sturdy Construction

Crafted for durability and performance, the JT-80LB MM cartridge features a sturdy construction. Employing a reliable aluminium alloy cantilever with a high-quality diamond stylus, this cartridge has been designed to last. Additionally, its robust construction ensures an excellent tracking ability, accurately following the grooves on your records and extracting the finest audio details.

Widespread Compatibility

The JT-80LB MM cartridge is designed to offer exceptional compatibility with a large range of turntables and phono amplifiers. As a moving magnet (MM) cartridge, it integrates effortlessly into most audio systems, offering versatility for vinyl enthusiasts who seek adaptability in their audio setups.

Effortless Installation

Nagaoka programmed the JT-80LB to be user-friendly when it comes to installation. The cartridge can easily be mounted onto most turntable tonearms without the need for expert technical skills or specialised tools. This ease of installation makes the JT-80LB an attractive choice for both newcomers to vinyl and seasoned hobbyists seeking a seamlessly upgraded audio experience.

Well-balanced Audio Performance

The JT-80LB excels in delivering a well-balanced audio output, depicting an accurate representation of the entire frequency spectrum. With a tight and impactful bass, smooth mids, and crisp highs, this cartridge offers a harmonious presentation of your favorite vinyl records. By accurately resonating with the music’s original intent, the JT-80LB captures an authentic listening experience.

Features & Benefits

Delivers high-quality sound reproduction with a wide frequency response and low distortion levels Offers a sturdy construction with a reliable aluminium alloy cantilever and high-quality diamond stylus Provides widespread compatibility with various turntables and phono amplifiers, thanks to its moving magnet (MM) design Ensures effortless installation for a user-friendly experience, requiring no specialised tools Achieves well-balanced audio performance across all frequencies, with tight bass, smooth mids, and crisp highs

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