Ortofon Concorde Music Black LVB Cartridge

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Ortofon Concorde Music Black LVB Cartridge

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Key info

  • Flagship MM cartridge with nude Shibata diamond on boron cantilever.
  • Precise Sound: Replicates artist’s performance with unparalleled precision and detail.
  • Trusted Model: Renowned for high-fidelity audio over decades.
  • True-to-Life Reproduction: Offers true-to-life musical reproduction akin to moving coil designs.
  • Direct Mounting: Compatible with SME-style tonearms for easy installation.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 18 g
Enclosure type Stylus Type: Nude Shibata. Stylus Tip Radius (R/R): 6/50 μm
Enclosure material Cantilever Material: Boron. Coil Wire Material: Silver Plater OFC Copper
Maximum load capacity of each shelf 150-300 pF
Phono cartridge specifications
Frequency response 20-20k Hz (+2 / -0DB)
Channel separation 26 dB (@ 1000HZ)
Vertical tracking force 1.8 g
Suggested load impedance 47 Ω
Trackability 80 μm (@ 315HZ at Recommended Tracking Force)
Inductance 815 mH

Concorde Music LVB 250 is the flagship of the series, thanks to its mounting of a nude Shibata diamond on a high-quality boron cantilever. The result is a sound performance similar to a more expensive moving coil design. This is true high-end excellence. The

Concorde Black LVB 250 delivers a sound so precise and so detailed that you feel like you have let the artist into your house and have them playing right in your living room, redefining what is possible from a moving magnet (MM) cartridge.

The Concorde has been a hugely popular model for decades, delivering high-fidelity audio for a number of needs.

  • Flagship moving magnet cartridge capable of absolutely true-to-life musical reproduction.
  • Concorde cartridge for direct-mounting into SME-style tonearms.
  • Nude Shibata diamond stylus.
  • Superior boron cantilever.

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