Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II Premium MC cartridge

Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II Premium MC cartridge

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Hand fitted with a luxurious pearwood body that harks back to some truly classic cartridge designs, the Pearwood Celebration II was created to commemorate SUMIKO’s three decades in the cartridge business. Using a blend of cutting edge materials and the tried and true, the Celebration is a truly exceptional pick-up cartridge.

The mechanical foundation for the intricate workings of the Pearwood Celebration II is a unique machined alloy “cradle”, into which the entire generator system of the cartridge is fitted, held in place with a single compression screw. Within this structure, the sophisticated magnet system including an Alnico magnet with linear density is housed. The result of this system is a very solid brass foundation and very wide dynamics alongside a vast open soundstage, a natural and pure midrange, and high frequencies that are extended but never bright.

The long-grain boron cantilever employed in the Celebration provides class-leading energy transfer from the stylus to the coils. Further, the synthetic rubber suspension system is tuned so the hardness and repulsion factor are optimised for a controlled acoustic performance over a long lifespan.

The industry-leading Pearwood Celebration II design results in a combination of superior dynamics and excellent long term tracking ability. When finished with the ultra-low-mass Ogura Jewel Co. P9 elliptical stylus (Vital Design), extraordinary amounts of detail can be extracted from the record groove. The further benefit of using this recognised, high-performance stylus profile is that it’s ground to a very high standard within very low tolerances for absolute reliability and flexibility – yet it’s also forgiving enough to give good performance in imperfect set-ups.

As it’s part of the Reference Series, the Celebration is painstakingly crafted by hand in a process that involves hours of labour. After assembly, final adjustments are made using a battery of test records, and performance is hand-calibrated for your enjoyment.

The sound of the Pearwood Celebration II is the product not only of SUMIKO’s many years experience in fine sound, but also of their continuing desire to reveal the vibrant and exciting colors of the analogue spectrum.

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