Musical Fidelity LX2-LPS Phono Preamplifier Black — Open-box, customer return

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Musical Fidelity LX2-LPS Phono Preamplifier Black — Open-box, customer return

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Key info

The customer returned this unit after 2 weeks of use. The phono preamplifier is in excellent condition, while the retail box shows minor imperfections. Feel free to reach out to us for further information.

The LX2-LPS is a high quality flexible MM/MC phono stage with adjustable impedance and excellent technical performance, housed in beautifully detailed and handsome metalwork it is the epitome of understated high class elegance.

It was designed for reference level listening so it is unerringly accurate and faithful to the input. Its purpose in life is to give you your music as its artists and producers intended: nothing more, and nothing less.

The critical elements of a phono stage are: accurate RIAA, low noise, low distortion, and overload margin. Musical Fidelity’s RIAA correction is famous for its predictable and consistent accuracy. The LX2-LPS accuracy is ±0.25dB 20Hz-20kHZ, also it extends to 45kHz so there is no overshoot ringing. This results in absolutely clear high frequencies with no intermodulation or other distracting anomalies.

The noise ratio on both MM (better than 82dB) and MC (better than 72dB) is outstanding and virtually inaudible at any volume setting. The LX LPS distortion is vanishingly low, typically less than 0.007% across the audio band. Overload margin is exemplary. Simply put, it is virtually impossible for any real world cartridge to overload it.

Key Features

  • Beautiful aesthetics and build quality.
  • Exemplary overload margin.
  • Adjustable impedance.
  • Clear high frequencies.
  • Vanishingly low distortion.

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