Primare R15 Phono Stage

Primare R15 Phono Stage

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Key info

R15 boosts the delicate signal from an MM/MC cartridge with authentic fidelity; the ideal bridge between the low-level output of phono cartridges and line-level inputs of your hi-fi system.

Primare R15 phono stage is the most ideal interface bridging the gap between the low output of a phono moving magnet or moving coil cartridge and a hi-fi system’s line-level inputs. It is designed to amplify with genuine fidelity the intricate signal from any paired cartridge.

Greater Fidelity

Housed in a convenient three-quarter sized 15-series cabinetry, the same care and craft that is used to plan the design of the bigger and somewhat more capable R35 MM/MC phono preamplifier has informed the design layout for the R15, enabling all circuits to work harmoniously together for superior sound and greater fidelity.

System Matching

With efficient gain to amplify the signal from almost any MM or MC phono cartridge and versatile input adjustment allows for perfect system matching.

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