Pro-Ject Tube Box S Phono Pre-amp

Pro-Ject Tube Box S Phono Pre-amp

Key info

The Project Tube Box S Phono Stage uses valves (or vacuum tubes) to amplify the cartridge output, giving your vinyl a warm analogue sound with high dynamics. A Connect IT E phono cable is included to ensure a high quality connection.

The Tube Box S is the new premium phono stage from Project, designed for use with both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges. This is the first Project product to feature a discrete circuit design that boasts no operational amplifiers, resulting in the best possible sound reproduction.

Delivering a relaxed audio performance with impressive midrange delivered the same wide and enveloping sound stage that you would expect from much more expensive pure valve phono stages. The built-in adjustable gain, capacitance, impedance, and subsonic filter make it possible to tune the Project Tube Box S to complement almost all modern MM and MC cartridges. It also makes it possible to tune the sound even further thanks to the replaceable valves which allow for tube rolling or sound shaping.

The casing of the Project Tube Box S has been designed to become an asset to the unit itself, as it remains sturdy enough to protect internal circuitry against interference and vibration, whilst still remaining aesthetically pleasing. Cages around the valves add that extra level of protection. A Project Connect IT E phono cable is included, providing a high quality shielded cable to connect the Tube Box S to your amplifier.

Project Tube Box S Phono Stage Inc Project Connect IT E Phono Cable features

  • Precise RIAA equalisation in two parts, passive/active
  • Dual mono circuitry for optimized channel separation
  • Adjustable impedance and capacitance settings
  • Ultra-low noise circuitry with FET input stage
  • Suitable for MM and MC cartridges
  • Subsonic filter button
  • Supplied with 2 x ECC83 valves
  • Includes high quality Connect IT E RCA cable to connect to the amplifier

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