Ortofon Stylus Concorde Music Red

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Ortofon Stylus Concorde Music Red

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Key info

  • Entry-level cartridge with elliptical diamond stylus.
  • Open, Dynamic Sound: Provides warmth and fidelity.
  • Popular Model: Trusted for decades for various audio needs.
  • All-Purpose: Suitable for diverse listening preferences.
  • Direct Mounting: Compatible with SME-style tonearms for easy installation.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 18 g
Enclosure material Cantilever Material: Aluminium Tube. Coil Wire Material: Silver Plater OFC Copper
Maximum load capacity of each shelf 150-300 pF
Frequency response +3 / -1dB (20-20k Hz)
Stylus type Tipped Elliptical
Stylus tip radius (r/R): 8/18 μm
Tracking force range 1.8 g
Channel separation 22 dB (@ 1000Hz)

Concorde Music Red features a high-quality elliptical diamond stylus profile for an impressive entry-level performance. The Concorde Red will deliver an open, dynamic sound with a slight touch of warmth.

The Concorde has been a hugely popular model for decades, delivering high-fidelity audio for a number of needs.

  • All-purpose cartridge that delivers an open, dynamic sound.
  • Concorde cartridge for direct-mounting into SME-style tonearms.
  • Tipped Elliptical diamond stylus profile.

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