Elac Miracord 90 Turntable

Elac Miracord 90 Turntable

Key info

ELAC celebrates its 90th anniversary by saluting the Golden Age of stereo when turntables reigned supreme. The resurgence of vinyl has created a groundswell of enthusiasm among audiophiles and even casual listeners, and for those with roots in hi-fi, the ELAC Miracord remains an iconic name from the era of the long-playing disc.

Inert MDF Chassis
The 5.5 kg MDF chassis rests on specially developed silicone feet that decouple the deck completely from the surface on which it is placed.

Precision Platter With Minimal Friction
The Aluminium platter weighs almost 6.2 kg and sits on a sub platter whose hardened steel axis rotates on an 8 mm Ruby ball bearing for minimal friction. The axis is mounted using high quality sintered Bronze bearing bushings.

Isolated Motor & Sophisticated Suspension
The motor is double decoupled from the chassis and, therefore, from the tonearm. Along with the rubber damping, the suspension system employed uses materials that have proven themselves in the development and manufacture of ELAC loudspeakers.

Advanced Carbon Fibre Tonearm
The newly developed tonearm made of carbon fibre forms a perfect symbiotic relationship with the drive mechanism.

High Resolution Moving Magnet Cartridge
The pickup with its MicroLine stylus was developed specially for ELAC in cooperation with Audio Technica and comes precision mounted with each turntable.

Exquisite Materials & Finishes
The ELAC Miracord 90 Anniversary is an aesthetic masterpiece that complements contemporary interiors and pays homage to the classic turntable design of ELAC’s original Miracord.

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