Elipson Chroma 200 RIAA BT Turntable

Elipson Chroma 200 RIAA BT Turntable

Key info

Elipson Chroma 200 RIAA BT Turntable has a built in pre-amp and Bluetooth technology for a varied listening experience.

Elipson Chroma 200 RIAA BT turntable has a pre-amp and features apTX Bluetooth technology. Building on the success of the Omega and Alpha 100 turntables, this model allows high quality vinyl playback and music playing via a Bluetooth enabled device.

Upgraded Design

Elipson have paid special attention to improving the technical abilities and aesthetics of the Chroma turntables in order to ensure the best possible vinyl listening experience. This turntable sees the inclusion of a new lift arm, new engine, suspension and rotary system.

Minimal Aesthetics

Visually, the Chroma 200 RIAA BT looks similar to the Omega and Alpha’s minimal aesthetic. These contemporary turntables feature a new material for the tray as well as a new graduation on the counterweight and free mechanical scale.

Key Features

– Bluetooth APTX 24 bits/48KHz
– Opto isolated USB to allow vinyl recording via MAC or PC

Please Note

This image is of the 200 RIAA model and is used for illustration purposes only.

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