Elipson Chroma 200 RIAA Turntable

Elipson Chroma 200 RIAA Turntable

Key info

The Elipson Chroma 200 turntable and RIAA preamp is the product of 4 years of meticulous research and development into achieving the best vinyl playback.

Elipson Chroma 200 turntable and RIAA preamp joins the new Chroma series of turntables from Elipson. These turntables draw influence from the Alpha 100 and Omega 100 but feature major upgrades to both design and technology.

Research and Development

Every turntable in the Chroma series sees the addition of a lift arm which is considerably the biggest difference between the Chroma series, and the Alpha and Omega. With over 4 years of research and development behind the series, improvements to engineering and the aim to deliver the best listening experience sees the introduction of a new engine, suspension and rotary system.

Minimal Aesthetic

The Chroma models keep the same minimal aesthetic as the Omega and Alpha models however they employ a new tray material, graduation on the counterweight and free mechanical scale.

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