Elipson Chroma 400 Turntable

Elipson Chroma 400 Turntable

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Key info

The Chroma 400 turntable is part of the new line of turntables from Elipson, featuring new engine and suspension system. The 400 series are available in black, white and red finishes.

Elipson Chroma 400 turntable is inspired by the Alpha 100 and Omega 100 models. This turntable comes in black, red and white finishes and features a new lift arm, engine and suspension system.

Chroma Range

The Chroma 400 model is one of the mid-range models in this new range from Elipson. It features a new lift arm, a key feature in the upgraded Chroma design. In the 400 line, this tonearm is made from high quality carbon. The turntable also has auto-speed control and includes an Ortofon OM10 cartridge.

New Components

Elipson have made slight changes to the aesthetics of the Chroma models, changing the tray material whilst keeping its elegant, modern looks. The technical components have also been updated with the inclusion of a new lift arm, new engine, suspension and rotary system and improved electronic card.

Key Features

– Auto speed control
– Lift Arm Carbon Tonearm
– Ortofon OM10 cartridge
– Lacquered PMMA Chassis
– Aluminium Centraliser

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