Roksan Radius 7 Turntable Inc NIMA Tone Arm

Roksan Radius 7 Turntable Inc NIMA Tone Arm

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Key info

The Roksan Radius 7 Turntable boasts a stunning glass-look design and offers an astonishing reproduction of all your vinyl records. A red and blue LED light will indicate 33 RPM and 45 RPM platter speeds to make your listening experience even more convenient. This version includes the Roksan Nima Unipivot Tonearm.

The Roksan Radius 7 Turntable combines style and technology to create a beautifully designed turntable that will produce only the best possible reproduction of all your favourite vinyl records. With Roksan’s 30 stellar years of hi-fi turntable experience, the Radius 7 exceeds all expectations, taking its place as one of the best turntables that Roksan has ever produced.


With several of the Radius 5’s elements remaining in place, the Radius 7 also incorporates new and improved technologies, as well as improved design materials to ensure all aspects of this turntable e- from aesthetics to technical performance – are at the best of their ability. This turntable also features a completely new motor assembly unit that incorporates electronic speed selection. This motor draws inspiration from that which can be found within the Roksan Xerxes’s Reference RPM speed control. The motor will offer a high accuracy, temperature compensated crystal speed control system, maintaining pitch-perfect speed stability for both 33 and 45 RPM, no matter the voltage variations.

LED Platter Speed Indication

An LED light located on the motor assembly will conveniently indicate 33 RPM with a blue light and 45 RPM with a red light in order to indicate the correct platter speed. The glass-effect design will make sure it has a truly unique appearance, guaranteeing it will remain a focal point within every room in which it is placed.

Speed Selection

Two switches located on the motor will offer control over start/stop functionality and speed selection. The electronic speed selection included will do away with the need to remove the belt from one pulley size to another. Rather, the new high quality aluminium alloy pulley will cater to the new motor assembly.

NIMA Unipivot Tonearm

This version of the Radius 7 includes the Roksan Nima Unitpivotm, a tonearm that features a unique transit locking mechanism for the bearing assembly, providing the safest possible transportation method and avoiding damage in instances where the arm becomes lifted off the bearing by accident. The decoupled counterweight that can be found on this tonearm has been designed to mount off-centre in order to allow for easy azimuth correction.

  • Glass effect design ensures this turntable is the focal point of any room
  • LED light indicator for 33 RPM (Blue) and 45 RPM (Red) speeds
  • High quality aluminium alloy pulley system
  • Roksan Nima Unipivot tonearm included
  • Accurate crystal speed control system
  • Redesigned motor assembly
  • Electronic speed control

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