Technics SL-1210GR2 Turntable

Technics SL-1210GR2 Turntable

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Key info

  • Modern edition of Technics’ ultra-premium, iconic SL-1200G reference series turntable.
  • Solid direct drive quality and legendary build quality.
  • Features the new Delta Sigma Drive technology for the highest reproduction quality.
  • Audiophile stability meets time-tested durability.
  • Ultra-precise S-shaped tonearm.
  • Featuring high-rigidity body and high-damping silicon insulators for smooth sound and isolation from various vibrations.
  • Works equally well as an audiophile unit or professional DJ turntable.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 453 x 173 x 372 mm
Technical specifications
Tonearm Static Balance
Motor Brushless DC motor
Platter Aluminum diecast. Diameter:332 mm. Weight:Approx. 2.5 kg (Including a rubber sheet)
Wow and flutter 0.025% W.R.M.S.
Drive type Direct Drive
Power supply AC220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Analog outputs PHONO (Pin Jack) x 1. EARTH TERMINAL x 1
Included accessories
What's in the box Turntable, Turntable sheet, Dust cover, EP record adaptor, Balance weight, Auxiliary weight, Cartridge spacer Head shell, Overhang gauge, Screw set for cartridge, PHONO cable, PHONO earth lead, AC power supply cord, Owner's Manual

Introducing the Next-Generation Direct Drive Turntable Innovation

Unveiling a breakthrough in audio technology, the enhanced motor-drive circuit centers around the revolutionary ΔΣ-Drive (Delta Sigma Drive) system, meticulously designed to quash even the slightest motor-generated vibrations. This marks the inception of Technics’ cutting-edge direct drive turntables, poised to elevate sound quality to new heights.

ΔΣ-Drive: A Paradigm Shift in Motor-Drive Systems

The ΔΣ-Drive represents a paradigm shift in audio engineering, leveraging Technics’ unparalleled prowess in PWM signal processing. This ingenious system not only curtails high harmonics but also effectively mitigates motor-induced vibrations, ensuring flawlessly smooth and precise rotation for an unparalleled musical experience.

A Legacy of Sound Quality Advancements

Since pioneering the world’s first direct drive turntable, Technics has remained committed to sound quality enhancement. Enter the ΔΣ-Drive, a game-changing innovation that suppresses micro vibrations from the motor and enhances the cartridge’s electromagnetic conversion accuracy. The inaugural direct drive turntable showcasing this technology is the remarkable SL-1210GR2.

Precision in Motion: Coreless Direct Drive Motor

In 1970, Technics revolutionized the audio world with the introduction of the first-ever direct drive turntable. Unlike belt-driven systems, direct drive systems excel in maintaining a high Signal-to-Noise (S/N) ratio and long-term reliability. In 2016, Technics unveiled the twin-rotor, surface-facing, coreless direct drive motor, eliminating “cogging” and receiving acclaim in the hi-fi market. The SL-1210GR2 carries forward this legacy, featuring a single-rotor, surface-facing, coreless direct drive motor for unparalleled smoothness.

Silencing the Noise: Low-Noise Switching Circuit

The SL-1210GR2 employs a high-speed switching power supply for stable power delivery with minimal ripple and humming. This eliminates the need for bulky transformers and vibration countermeasures. The high switching frequency surpassing 100 kHz ensures minimal impact on music playback, preserving audio purity.

Banishing Residual Noise: Current Injection Active Noise Cancelling

Our cutting-edge technology combines noise detection with an error amplifier to eliminate power supply noise. It outperforms traditional regulators in removing low-frequency noise, ensuring an ideal power supply for pristine audio.

Rigidity Meets Damping: Precision Platter

Design The platter’s two-layer construction, with deadening rubber covering the entire rear surface of the die-cast aluminum, eradicates unwanted resonance that can interfere with sound quality. Optimized die-cast shaping and added strengthening ribs enhance inertial mass and vibration reduction. The result: damping characteristics twice as effective as the SL-1200MK5.

Precision Tracking: High-Sensitivity Tonearm

Our static-balance universal S-shaped tonearm, crafted from lightweight and rigid aluminum, tracks record rotations with exceptional precision. Skillfully assembled and adjusted by master craftsmen, it achieves initial-motion sensitivity of 5 mg or less, faithfully tracing grooves etched into the vinyl. Furthermore, it accommodates a range of cartridges to match musical genres or moods.

Structural Excellence: Two-Layered Cabinet

The SL-1210GR2 boasts a two-layered cabinet construction, uniting BMC and aluminum die-cast chassis for unrivaled rigidity and durability.

Vibration-Free Support: High-Damping Silicon Insulators

Special silicon rubber insulators provide exceptional vibration damping and long-term reliability, ensuring pristine sound quality.

Uncompromised Connectivity: Premium Gold-Plated Terminals

The turntable features gold-plated phono terminals for detachable cables, while internal metal shielding minimizes external noise interference.

Incorporate the SL-1210GR2 into your audio setup and experience the future of direct drive turntables, where innovation meets audio perfection.

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