Thorens TD-102-A Automatic Turntable

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Thorens TD-102-A Automatic Turntable

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Thorens’ TD-102-A is a fully automatic turntable that comes equipped with the newly developed TP72 carbon tonearm and preassembled AT VM95E cartridge system.

Thorens TD 102 A Automatic Turntable is a fully automatic turntable by Thorens. Designed for music lovers that love simplicity and quality, it features a newly developed mechanism that guarantees the lowest possible frictional resistance of all mechanical components, a well-constructed carbon tonearm, preassembled cartridge system from Audio-Technica and a switchable integrated Phone preamplifier.

Audio Technica Cartridge System

Thorens’ TD-102-A comes equipped with a newly developed carbon tonearm (TP 72), including the preassembled AT VM 95 E cartridge system from Audio-Technica. It has been known and favoured by vinyl-lovers for many years.

The AT-VM95E is the successor of the AT95E, it’s design enables it to have rigid low resonance housing, and two threaded inserts in the cartridge body that enables it to be mounted to the head-shell or on an integral tonearm with just two screws, no nuts.

Plug-in and Play

The TD 102A has a switchable integrated Phono preamplifier built in so that you can connect straight into a pair of active speakers or an amp + passive speakers and away you go. The TD102A plays speeds 33 1/3rpm and 45rpm.

Stunning Finishes

The TD 102-A is available in the finishes “black high-gloss” or “walnut high-gloss”. Extra care has been taken out during the development phase to emphasize the typical ‘Thorens’ look.

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