Thorens TD 1500 Turntable

Thorens TD 1500 Turntable

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Key info

The TD1500 turntable builds upon revolutionary turntable design, delivers a quiet and super stable driver system and sits just below the TD1600 within the Thorens turntable range.

Thorens TD1500 Turntable takes inspiration from the revolutionary TD150, utilising a modernised sub-chassis design. You can also find features such as incrementally monitored RPM, XLR outputs and the newly developed TP 150 Tonearm.

Conical Spring Sub Chassis

Thorens TD1500 is the successor to a turntable that caused a technical revolution within hifi, the TD150. Like its famous predecessor the TD1500 features a sub-chassis of three conical springs that separate the tonearm shelf and turntable from the frame and motor. The TD 1500 has built upon the TD150 by making these springs adjustable from above which allows for easier access.

Electronically Monitored RPM

Thorens TD1500 speed of its DC motor is monitored electronically by an incremental encoder, ensuring that the TD1500 maintains a steady speed and accurate RPM. The accurate control of the turntable speed means the 1500 has excellent wow and flutter values.

XLR Outputs and Ortofon Cartridge

A real standout feature of Thorens TD1500 is its XLR outputs in addition to its pair of RCA jacks which enables a true balanced operation with a suitable MC cartridge. This is why the Ortofon 2M bronze cartridge is the perfect playing partner, which comes with the TD1500 as standard, due to this cartridge’s naked diamond Fine Line stylus.

Newly Developed TP 150 Tonearm

Thorens TD1500 uses the newly developed TP 150 Tonearm, with an effective mass of 14 grams and is adjustable in azimuth and height which allows for improved channel separation and cross talk. The TP 150 Tonearm is also equipped with a standard SME connector, so headshells can easily be switched or other cartridges mounted.

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