Thorens TD 403 DD Turntable

Thorens TD 403 DD Turntable

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The TD403 DD Turntable completes the 400 series that utilises the same tonearm seen in the TD1500 and is truly a high end direct drive plug-and-play turntable.

Thorens TD403 DD Turntable now completes the 400 series line of direct drive plug-and-play turntables. Boasting a smooth direct drive, a heavy 22mm-thick Die-cast aluminum platter and the same tonearm seen on the new TD 1500 model.

TD403 DD vs TD402 DD

The TD403 DD utilises the impressive and smooth-running direct drive used in the TD 402 DD Turntable while setting itself apart with a massive 14kg, 22mm-thick-die-cast aluminum platter. The TD403 DD has a stable and super quiet direct drive system which rotates a heavy aluminum platter that ensures an effortless playback, as its weight makes it less prone to being disturbed by vibrations and makes the turntable more reliable at sticking to the correct RPM.

TD 150 Tonearm

Thorens TD403 DD uses the newly developed TD 150 audiophile tonearm which is used on the TD 1500 turntable. The tonearm has an effective mass of 14g and has an adjustable height and azimuth which can be used to reduce cross talk and improve channel separation. While also being equipped with a standard SME connector, so headshells can easily be switched or other cartridges mounted.

Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge

Thorens TD403 DD comes preloaded with a high-quality pre-adjusted 2M Blue cartridge from the Danish cartridge specialist Ortofon. This cartridge proves to be the perfect playing partner due to its naked diamond elliptical stylus which creates less noise and allows for better tracking.

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