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Home Trial Service

Our unique home trial service has been set up in order to help you make the right decision and only purchase the products that you absolutely love.

It is important to take room acoustics as well as any partnering equipment into account when creating a Hi-Fi system. These factors play a big part in how a product will sound and perform. Hence by trialling your potential purchase at home you can ensure that it is suitable to your environment and your taste.


Choose a product that you would like to trial at home and contact our sales team.


Complete the payment of the security deposit, which is 90 % of the total value of the item. Your item(s) will be dispatched to you via our partner courier company.


Once received you have 14 days to trial the item(s). As soon as you have had enough time with the product just email us and we will arrange a return shipment, priced at £10 per box.


If you decide not to go ahead with the purchase, we will refund your security deposit. In case you wish to proceed with the order, we will charge the remaining 10% and send the brand-new unit to you.

Request Home Trial

    Please note

    All home trials are subject to stock availability.

    Product colours may vary for trial models.

    The home trial service is available to UK residents only.

    The security deposit amount is always 90 % of the full price of the product, with no offers or discounts being applicable.