If headphones aren’t open-backed or earphones, then they are of a closed-back design. This style has the ear cup fully closed, not open, and this creates an effective seal with the side of the head. It keeps the sound within the ear cup.

Our site has a wide range of closed-back design headphones, in addition to the other types on this page. This style offers an impressive isolation and passive noise attenuation of ambient noise, due to the nature of their design. This design can keep the music in, while keeping the external noise out. This type can be great all-purpose headphones for personal use, noisy office environments and while commuting, as they will eliminate the majority of that external noise, and even better than open-backed headphones.

The seal of the closed-back headphones will also allow for greater resonance, so you get improved bass performance. You’ll hear less of what’s going on around you, and be able to focus more on the sounds coming out of the closed-back headphones. This is also a good type for when you don’t wish to disturb others with your music, so they’re perfect for work or commuting.

Some types of closed-back headphones have a detachable cable to make transit simpler, and also enables for simpler replacement should it become damaged.

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