Open-back headphones have a spacious and open sound profile due to the open-backed nature of their design. This type of headphone leaves the back of the ear cup open, so that sounds are permitted to escape. These type of headphones are recommended primarily for at-home usage. This is because the sound can leak out and disturb others. You’ll also need a quiet environment in which to listen.

The benefits of listening with these types of headphones are because they can create the impression of listening to music in a region of spaciousness, or a wider soundstage, such as if you were at a concert.
Open-back headphones allow more air to flow through the headphones, reducing the resonance in the closed back design, and creating a more natural and spacious sound. Most audiophiles agree that open-back headphones are the best for listening to music in a home environment, or anywhere else that there is little ambient or environmental noise.

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